In April 2015 Microsoft launched the function Skype Translator in Italian for the Skype platform. The tool is designed to help Skype users overcome linguistic issues by providing simultaneous interpretation through the platform, based on each speaker’s voice.

  It has long been observed that we are drifting towards intensive computerisation of translations and interpreting processes, and we have seen giants like Google create Machine Translation tools such as, for instance, Google Translate, which could be considered as Skype Translator applied to written documents.

Interpreters and translators have long been the link required to bridge any gaps in communication, especially at the highest levels, such as political and economic negotiations or institutional discussions of all types. This is true because an interpreter knows the language and, especially, the related cultural background. Likewise, a translator can avoid the typical lost in translation effect and intrinsic pitfalls of every translation by analysing and understanding the cultural context of the document to be translated.

The actual challenge that companies such as Arkadia Translations face is the creation of a bridge clients can cross to reach the person “on the other side.” We achieve this by converging professionals and certified dedicated services in order to assist clients in their specific business framework, whose global multicultural features are increasing.
Helping clients express their thoughts in the interlocutor’s tongue will enhance the latter’s empathy and enable the client to make the most of every opportunity.

So what is your opinion about this challenge? On the linguistic scene, will digitalisation be the answer that meets the global demand for a multicultural approach? Or will the solution be provided by humans, since the factors involved are actually too human to be performed by “cold” IT systems?

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